The Voice judges have been catching it from fans who think they don’t really value Black female talent. Already, fans have been chastising the coaches for not giving SHEj a chance, and now they’re discussing how Koko was also turned away.

In the video below, Koko sang “About Damn Time” by Lizzo. She sang it well, so much so that you might expect the coaches to turn around and battle it out over who will be her coach. But none of them did.

"There were some great moments in that performance, and there were some things that didn't land right for me, personally," said Blake Shelton, adding that Camila Cabello seemed close to turning around.

“I was just like, ‘Oh, her melodic eear is really cool,” Cabello said before adding that the reason she didn’t pick Koko was because of her song choice. For her, Koko’s voice was competing against Lizzo’s rendition, and ultimately her voice didn’t stand out enough for Cabello.

"I feel like you could have picked a song choice so you didn't have to compete with that," she said. "But it was really, really close, I really feel like you should come back."

The fans weren’t having it though, with one writing online, “Wow. Not one chair turn for Koko. But 2, 3 chair turn for the rest of these MEDIOCRE ppl.”

Another wrote about their dismay at their continued viewership.

They said, “I don’t know why I keep watching #TheVoice or any of these vocal shows. They rarely are checking for POC. It doesn’t seem to matter how great their voices are either. What a shame. It’s partly why I only watch the audition episodes & then I stop. Koko was GREAT.” Another added that they felt the coaches “did Koko dirty.”

One viewer hoped that Koko does find the heart to come back to the show, writing, "I liked KoKo's voice. I thought she was pretty good. I wish that one of the coaches turned for her. I hope she comes back next season."

Koko herself wrote on Twitter, "I tried yall! But NO CHAIR TURN for me and THATS OKAY. Imma still keep pushing!!!" She also wrote to Lizzo that she hoped that she made her proud.

“This will not be the last of me,” she ended.

According to her Twitter account, Koko is a singer for Carnival Cruise Line, so thankfully she is already able to use her vocal talents to make a living. But let's hope that she does come back to become the star that her fans see she can be.