The Knockout rounds on The Voice continued to shock viewers and fans alike Tuesday night.

John Legend’s shocker came when he paired Samuel Harness and BrittanyBree…and he truly surprised himself

With a mentor in Grammy Award-winning singer Ed Sheeran, this week appeared to be one where the singers bore all. Harness had a moment of transparency with Sheeran as he revealed that he connected with the song “Bruises” by Luis Capaldi. He was an adoptee that connected with his birth mother later in life. His emotions from experience were felt as he delivered a chilling performance.

"Way to pick a song that you obviously can feel," Kelly Clarkson told Harness.

“I thought that was really cool, that you let all of us in. It was a beautiful job,” she added.

Ariana Grande agreed, adding, “It sounds like your voice has been through a lot, but you never lose control.”

Praises were sung for BrittanyBree who performed “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. Grande told the singer that the performance “had her on the edge of her seat.”

Blake Shelton agreed, telling her, “I thought you delivered a killer performance and did some amazing things, vocally. He then redirected the attention to Harness’ performance. adding, “On the flip side, I feel like Samuel just had a moment. He was making me feel it, and the rest of the audience feel it.”

For Legend, this decision appeared to be a hard one

“I don’t know what to do because both of you are so, so good,” he admitted before ultimately choosing Harness, who he felt “thoroughly connected to this song.”

When the singers exited the stage, Legend admitted that he surprised himself with his selection.

“I surprised myself!” he noted. “He just delivered.”

Still, fans were shocked that BrittanyBree was eliminated.

One fan tweeted, “i don’t think i can keep watching the voice now that ik i won’t hear brittany bree sing again.”

One person outright said they disagreed with Legend, saying, “Nah,@john! First time I disagree w/your call! That should have been Brittany Bree! Even watching your reaction to both of them you were digging her more! Sam’s great! But vocally & tonight Brit got him beat!”

Watch the performance below: