The Knockout Rounds continued Tuesday night on The Voice with another shocking elimination. Team Kelly Clarkson’s elimination of The Cunningham Sisters will sting long after this season has finished.

Hailey Mia performed TikTok’s trending song “Arcade” by singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence.

Macie and Marcie Cunningham chose to sing “Oceans: (Where Feet Mail Fail)” by Hillsong United. Both performances moved the coaches, but it would be Clarkson’s decision to name Mia as the winner that would set social media on fire.

When the teen sisters failed to land a steal, it fanned the fire of social media fury.

“This is the cutest little thing I have ever seen,” Blake Shelton asserted. “You guys have been favorites of mine since you came onto the show. I don’t know if you know about that or care about that but you have a lot about you and it’s really incredible.”

However, his words landed on deaf ears as he favored Mia in the competition.

John Legend praised the sisters, saying, “I love hearing The Cunningham Sisters harmonize together, it is so nice.”

Ariana Grande and their own coach, Kelly Clarkson praised their performances as well. However, the praises were not enough to secure a win or a steal at the very least to ensure The Cunningham Sisters could continue their journeys.

On social media, viewers and fans weighed in.

One Twitter user wrote, “The way no one stole the cunningham sisters-an actual crime im literally crying.”

One fan posed a question to Clarkson in disbelief, “Ooooh Kelly why did you let the Cunningham sisters go!!”

The resounding sentiment was the Cunningham Sisters needed a deal because their voices were perfection. “Someone give the Cunningham sisters a record deal, their voices are special.”

Watch the performance below: