September is Self-Care Awareness Month. Cue all the thoughts of you wearing a white robe while getting a pedicure or sitting back with cucumbers covering your eyes as someone massages your hands. Picture all of those social media-worthy moments. Now, erase those images and consider all of the other ways you can show yourself a little love each and every day.

According to pharmacist and self-care strategist Alisha Reed, PharmD, there are six types of self-care and only one of them involves a spa day.

“Most people think that self-care has to be a spa day or a massage or a manicure, but there are several types of self-care,” Reed told Blavity.  “As a pharmacist, I really like to let my patients know that self-care is really proactive care. It’s taking the steps to manage and maintain your health, and not just physical health, but mental and spiritual health. So, these are things that you can do to preserve your overall health.”

Reed gave Blavity a play-by-play on the different forms of self-care, how you can honor yourself on a budget and the dangers of not practicing self-care.