Here's the final episode (four of four) of the new sci-fi web series, DR0NE, which stars Lance Reddick and Kenneth Choi.

The series is broadcast on the YouTube channel You Offend Me, You Offend My Family, which Fast Five's Justin Lin is shepherding.

DR0NE centers on robots that are apart of the U.S. Military which are designed and programmed by humans to be superior soldiers.

The new series, co-produced by Clark Baker and Robert Glickert, is being directed by Glickert, from his own script. Justin Lin is executive producer, while Reddick and his manager Steven Adams are serving as co-producers.

As announced back in March, Reddick formed a production company called Christai Productions, along with Adams, with the goal being to develop story-driven film and television projects that are a little "outside the box," but with "a sharp eye to genre and budget."

Consider this one of those efforts.

No word on whether we'll see another season of DR0NE.

In this episode, Lost fans should recognize a familiar face.