Chicago-based indie filmmaker Mark Harris is set to begin the 3rd annual Englewood International Film Festival next month in the city.

Harris is determined to prove that no one “can
overshadow the hope for the future of this Chicago area;”
ultimate goal is to “present a brighter side of the area to the city, media, entertainment
industry and the world. The goal of the panels, films, and overall event is
this: To change the imaging and condition of the people in Englewood.”

As a result, Harris, along with Honee Earth LLC, will bring back the annual Englewood International
Film Festival which is all ready to take place next month Oct. 25-27 with the opening night being
the world premiere of Harris’ latest feature film Black Coffee, No Sugar, No
 along with several other important films, film panels and celebrities.

(Hey what better place to premiere your latest film but
at the festival you created? Nothing wrong with that.)

Check out the video below with filmmaker and TV producer Darryl Pitts discussing the importance of
the Englewood Film Festival, and what it means to the city and the community; and
for more info about this year’s festival go HERE.