Noelle Scales is a 7-year-old black girl who attends the Da Vinci Innovation Academy in California that currently has the entire internet full of heart eyes emojis because of a video her father, Roosevelt Scales, posted on his Facebook page.

That's right, Noelle built a robot and watching the video of her explaining her accomplishment is so beautiful. The video was shared on the Because of Them We Can Facebook group page and went on to vitality from there. The caption on the video reads, "#FACT: Black talent is real,” which is nowhere close to a lie. 

Noelle's dad is happy that his daughter's educational journey is inspiring so many people, and said it “was exciting” to see such a positive reaction from people watching her video. 

He told Huffington Post, "“We are just a regular family trying to enjoy life and give our kids the best opportunity to figure out life for themselves…So we think it is great that something that she did and didn’t think much about can be shared and viewed because this is where the real life is found ― in kids experimenting to discover.”

Noelle, and so many other young black and brown children like her, are so blessed to receive educational experiences that will put them in the position to follow their dreams, and impact society in a way that truly matters. It's always our job to share their stories and encourage their growth which, in this case, is exactly what the Internet did. Keep shining Noelle!