I think it's inevitable for the question of what kind of music the late Aaliyah would be making if she were still alive to come up. She's simply a symbol in our community of great talent and potential that was taken too soon. Two people that everyone would have loved to see work together were her and Beyoncé because who knows what kind of magic they could have made. 

Well, leave it to black Twitter to fulfill that need for us. Never failing to disappoint, the Twitter streets have been buzzing about @loneamorphous's project he's calling "All In A Million Nights" which is a mashup of Beyoncé's "All Night Long" and Aaliyah's "One In Million." 

Photo: Giphy

This isn't the producer's only mashup. He's remixed other artists with Beyoncé like Terror Squad and Childish Gambino. His mashups are the truth and can be found on his Twitter page. 

Here's your dose of black creative excellence for the day. Seriously, this is everything we ever wanted and didn't know we needed.