It's Black History Month; an especially good time to honor our historically black colleges. Unfortunately, one HBCU, in particular, may be in danger of closing its doors. Concordia College Alabama, located in Selma, has suffered financial difficulties in the past couple of years, and things appear to have gotten worse, according to WSFA.

When Interim Transition Officer Dr. James Lyons assumed his position in July 2017 Concordia was actively seeking funds to stay afloat at that time.  

"The board has been attempting to identify an investor partner, someone who can come to the table with a very large sum of money," Lyons said. "That would allow us to pay off the mortgage and other debt, and restructure the institution. Not just to survive but to thrive."

However, if Concordia can't find an investor soon, the institution will be left with only one option–closing.

"If we are unable to identify that investor partner then we would close at the end of the current semester," Lyons continued. "That decision has to be made fairly soon. We have an obligation to our students to work with them and try to help them transfer to other institutions, get their financial aid in order, and their student records in order. We also want to help our faculty and staff who may have other job opportunities and try to support them in terms of letter of reference.”

Although things look dire, those who love and value Concordia plan to see this entire situation through, and are backing the school down to the wire. 

"This institution has built me in to the man I am today. It has impacted my professional career, my personal career as well as my spiritual walk,” said Dr. Glenn King, Jr, Concordia's Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems. Concordia is King's alma mater.

"I do believe God is going to answer our prayers and we will stay open," King added. "I am looking forward to being here in the fall semester.”