Within recent months, radio host, producer, and record label executive DJ Khaled has inspired the world to live life to the fullest. Providing some valuable advice and other absurd rules to live by through Snapchat, Khaled has managed to become the most positive man of 2015. Using his account to remind us to keep our faces clean and be superstars, the “jurlie“-wearing sensation gives fans a glimpse inside of his glamorous Miami lifestyle complete with a personal chef, elevator, and infamous lion statue. Many people dream of staying relentless and motivated enough to reach Khaled’s level of success and now there’s a tool providing instant inspiration at one’s fingertips.

Product Designer George Kedenburg III has compiled all of Khaled’s valuable keys to success into a motivational ‘They Don’t Want You To Win’ Generator. With a click of an Another One button, audio clips from the We The Best President’s key Snapchat stories can be heard. From advising listeners to counters sue the haters, drink Pure Life water, and to “keep they away from you,” the inspirational messages are perfect for all kinds of cloth talk and ensure that you’re on the path to more success.

Be sure to keep up with DJ Khaled‘s hammock talk and positive vibes via his Snapchat account or check out his recently launched clothing line. For more major keys check out theydontwantyouto.win