After Ramona Griggie discovered the exorbitant prices for teeth whitening, the wife and mother decided to take matters into her own hands and whiten her son's teeth herself in 2015.

Griggie wanted to whiten her son's teeth as a graduation gift for completing his bachelors' at Duke University. She found out that the service ranged from $700-$900 forcing her to review all of her options. And one of those options was buying a $250 machine off line, doing the task herself and eventually turning it into a side hustle. 

She rented a legit work space and started gathering clientele. “It was a cute little setup where people would come and pay $100-$200 for a one-hour procedure,” Griggie told Essence. But after sustaining a concussion from a fall at the work space, she wanted a change. 

"I’m really a housewife with a side hustle, work-from-home, work-from-my-phone kind of person,” she explained. So, she shifted gears. Griggie decided to sell $35 do-it-yourself kits online. In order to get people interested, she paid for a four-hour ad on Instagram that increased her following by the thousands and brought in $8,000 worth of business.

Since 2015, Griggie has attracted various entertainers like Amber Rose, Kevin Hart and Blac Chyna. In the first 60 days of business, she brought in $1 million. She even has a flagship boutique in College Park, Atlanta that caters to all types of people. And now she is a multi-millionaire.