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This powerful hashtag unveils the realities of sexism in Nigeria

#BeingAFemaleInNigeria was trending on Twitter yesterday, and it shed light on how Nigerian women can be treated in their society. Their stories prove that society frequently demotes women to primal importance — being a wife and a vessel for bearing children — and denies them genuine self-worth and independence in the process.

Therefore, things such as seeking a higher education would be deemed foolish because apparently men don't want a smart woman. Living on one’s own would be mischievous. And turning down a man would be considered irrational.

Women are not considered victims, but the cause of their problems. For example, if your husband cheats on you, it’s not his fault, but yours for not pleasing him and giving him what he deserves. And women must stand idly by when they are sexually harassed either in the market or at the workplace.

And many did not hesitate to call out the Nigerian government for their lack of efforts to bring back the girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram. It just shows that women are seen as the lesser sex; the ones not worth saving.

Of course, there were a few men who barged in and said that the people speaking out were just women who liked to complain.


Typical — they choose to ignore women’s problems because they don’t want to be labeled as part of the problem. Nonetheless, the overwhelming amount of tweets pointing out sexism in Nigeria speak louder.

Here’s a roundup of some of the #BeingAFemaleInNigeria tweets that sum it up best.

https://twitter.com/jarumamagazine/status/615904183330410496 https://twitter.com/Ifyeby/status/615894950136385536 https://twitter.com/amramnsr/status/615901366779834368 https://twitter.com/iamibiene/status/615902665554436096 https://twitter.com/jarumamagazine/status/615896025069432832 https://twitter.com/jarumamagazine/status/615894949427609600 https://twitter.com/IfyAniebo/status/615984398857601024 https://twitter.com/SheCrownLita/status/615893852306587648 https://twitter.com/SheCrownLita/status/615892758788595712 https://twitter.com/SheCrownLita/status/615892342654959617 https://twitter.com/classicaltiti/status/615988671607611393 https://twitter.com/classicaltiti/status/615988292979396609 https://twitter.com/TinubuTweets/status/615937648004206592 https://twitter.com/TinubuTweets/status/615930812861579265 https://twitter.com/TinubuTweets/status/615928606863196160 https://twitter.com/Kemiii_xo/status/615954916201398273 https://twitter.com/Kemiii_xo/status/615954559429689344 https://twitter.com/Kela_O/status/615923933804691456 https://twitter.com/Adm3on/status/615954753302994944 https://twitter.com/saphhirebaby/status/615919508562280448 https://twitter.com/O_tpw/status/615987886723334144 https://twitter.com/EvaSongz/status/615909238691504128 https://twitter.com/miz_kayty/status/615915189041401856 https://twitter.com/damola_ososanya/status/615930264104124416 https://twitter.com/LailaJohnson_/status/615982541837869056 https://twitter.com/MishMashEllah/status/615972840811143168 https://twitter.com/ChikaUwazie/status/615984059559333888

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