David Yancey realized that as a teacher, he needed to leave a lasting impact on his students. His mission? To create lessons that combine hard history with pop culture in an effort to really make the information stick with his students. After his most recent lesson went viral, it would appear that he's done just that.

Yancey revamped the lyrics to the Migos hit, "Bad and Boujee," to teach his class the about the Civil War. Instead of being "bad and boujee," the Confederate soldiers were "mad and losin'."

Photo: Tumblr

In an interview with Complex Magazine, Yancey spoke more on his unique approach to teaching. "Too often, teachers just tell students to learn things because we say so, but instead we need to meet them where they are. I ask the students the song that the kids are into and I adjust the content to match." Yancey won the 2016 Teacher of the Year award at his school in Conyers, GA. With bars like that, we can see why.

Check the video out above!