A white woman named Jossa Johansson wrote a cringe-worthy Instagram post about a young African girl showcasing exactly how toxic the white savior complex can be.

Johansson has since made her page private but not before Twitter called her out for her BS for her self-righteous, confusing and straight up weird AF post from what appears to be a mission trip to Kiberia, Kenya, an area close to Nairobi.

"Dear child, you inspire me," Johansson begins. "You inspire me to be the best person I can be to everyone around me, even my enemies. Because I would never even want this for my worst enemie. The best thing I could ever dream of is to be successful, to have a big family in a big house in a beautiful country. When I asked you what your biggest dream was, you said 'to dance'…." 

As you can see, the slippery slope on white nonsense has begun, and it only gets worse from here. Wanting to dance seems like a reasonable answer from a child, but it incited a fictional explanation from Johansson of what was bound to happen to this baby as she continues her life in Kenya without her. 

"One of the most happiest moments in your life was when you met me and my friends, and you asked me when I'm coming back. I am sorry to tell you that there is a very small chance that we are ever gonna meet again. In two years you are going to meet a grown up man that you have never met, you two are going to have a child, and if you're lucky he's gonna stay with you, but he will probably leave you alone with your child in your small home made of mud and tree's. You will probably sell your body to someone else to make money for your child." 

"I could keep on talking," she continues, even though we wish she wouldn't. "But I just want you to know there is hope, there is. Dreaming could be your saviour, dreaming could keep you alive. Dear child, keep safe." 

As you can imagine, people came for Johansson relentlessly because girl, what? The post was reported numerous times, and Johansson changed her caption but still made herself seem like a hero. 

"And to answer 'racism' with bullying does not make you better people," she writes. "F**k racism I say because I'm not f**king a racist, if I had been racist I never would have gone to Kenya and helped so many people." 

Girl, racists go to black and brown countries everyday. Stop. 

What, exactly, did she do to help these people that their lives will never be the same without her presence? To use a child and push the narrative that people who come from countries like Kenya somehow have no hope is such a lazy tactic.

If you want to help people, by all means, do that. But don't take trips to black, brown or impoverished countries as a way to boost your own ego. No one needs or wants that.