In this video, spoken word poet TOO BLACK and "THE BLACKS" (saxophonist Jared Thompson and drummer Clint Breeze) bring into question the subject of Black identity and its relevance in today’s society.

Throughout the years, the “Black card” has taken on many different names in the African American community: the “negro membership card,” “the hood pass,” the ghetto pass,” etc. Rarely do we ever question the requirements for obtaining this card, nor do we wrestle with its significance.

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What is the “Black card” and who deserves to have it? Is it even necessary to project the narrative and ideology surrounding the coveted “Black card”? How do we use it? Can we use it? As African Americans, does this idea of a “Black card” help or hurt us in the long-term fight for freedom from an oppressive society?

These are poignant questions that dare to spark a broader conversation on the tricky and sometimes problematic intricacies of Black Identity.

View the "Black Card" video below: