The day is finally here! Marvel's Black Panther opens everywhere — and many of us are already planning to witness this black excellence multiple times.

Although anticipation for the movie has been real already, it's been said that the movie "exceeds the hype."

Keeping that same energy, people have exceeded our expectations for the reactions they'd have to the film and the outfits they would be wearing to opening night. While it's important to be mindful of the traditional African fabrics and styles we choose to wear, it's also important to celebrate this film in all the ways we can. 

Check out some of the best outfits people wore to the premiere. The joy surrounding this movie brought people who look like they stepped right out of Wakanda. 

Wakanda had quite a few visitors from Zamunda. It's cool, it's been suggested that the two countries border each other.

Black people remain undefeated when it comes to taking something amazing and making it even better. The best part? That was only the first night. We're more than certain even bigger and better outfits and antics are to come.