As I said to my colleagues, I didn’t even realize that this had begun airing this week (it debuted on Monday morning here in NYC), even though it’s a show we’ve been following since it was first announced. 

I suppose my particular issue is that I don’t watch a lot of TV – certainly not in the AM, nor in the afternoon, on weekdays, which is maybe when most of the ads announcing the show’s premiere would probably be running. So I could’ve just missed them I suppose – especially with so much else competing for one’s attention.

Plus it comes on from 9am – 10am here in NYC, which, for someone like me, is maybe one of the worst hours to tune in to a daytime talkshow, as I’m usually getting prepped for another day at S&A, going through emails, reading articles, catching up on news (both film related and general) I missed since I went to sleep the night before, etc, all-while still trying to wake up with cups of coffee.

All that to say, I’ve yet to watch a full episode of the all-new Queen Latifah Show, which debuted on Monday. But I’m watching it right now, for the first time, as I type this, as she and guest Sharon Stone discuss how to pose on the red carpet.

I’ll obviously have to watch a lot more – you know, like a few full episodes – to get a good feel for the show, before I share any reactions to it. So I’ll make an effort to tune in for the rest of this week, and through next week, and then by next week Friday, I’ll publish my thoughts.

In the meantime, however, feel free to share yours on what you’ve seen so far, assuming you’ve been watching since the first show.

The Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith-produced show for Sony TV got off to a strong start on Monday, ranking as the second most popular debut of a talk show since Dr. Oz debuted in 2009.

Her premiere episode guests included John Travolta and Willow Smith.

Yesterday, Will Smith and Alex Trebek were amongst her guests.

Other big name guests expected this first week include Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jamie Foxx.