Students on the University of Missouri campus have accomplished great victories in the past few days, but with their progress comes backlash. Violent threats are being made to black students via Yik Yak and reports of groups intimidating students on campus are flooding Twitter. This all comes after a threat was called in to the campus Black Culture Center during a Black Caucus meeting earlier today.

An MU Alert was released.

As of Tuesday evening, MU Alert stated the following:

NOV. 10, 2015, 7:44 P.M.

“MUPD is aware of social media threats and has increased security. Call 911 immediately if you need help.”

As a result of the threats, students are evacuating campus.

Fellow students are volunteering to escort anyone who feels unsafe on campus:

Despite the very real threats, not everyone is taking the students’ safety seriously.

However, some faculty members are keeping the safety of the students in mind.