Tiffany Haddish probably shared a little too much about her grooming habits on social media this week, prompting an avalanche of questions from her fans after she asked if anyone else regularly waxed off all of the hair on their "lady parts" following a break-up.

"Before I cut all the hair off my head. I used to wax all the hair off my lady parts when I was done with a man. Anyone else do that? I think of it as a fresh start for the new man," she tweeted.

Social media users offered myriad responses ranging from a simple "yes" or "no" to just plain confusion over the random admission from the comedian.

“No, not when done with a new man but many people choose various ways of releasing, cleansing, and clearing their energy from a previous relationship. The best one of all is prayer because you are beautiful just the way that the Creator made you," one person said.

"One of the greatest ideas of all time! Now you are truly going to Wax. I am impressed and i it brings up the fact I am the biggest Coward .. With all that Covid stuff I may have to start braiding or get good with a scissor to wax I am terrified atta girl Tif.." another user commented.

One user expressed their distaste regarding the case of over-shared information, saying, "Can't some things stay private?"

"I don't think anyone except maybe your man needs to know that. People tell everything these days. Nothing is private anymore," they added.

Others continued to show their confusion over what seems to be a random comment from the Girls Trip star, considering there's no information pointing to a breakup between her and her current boyfriend, Common.

But Atlanta-based rapper Tokyo Jetz responded to Haddish's tweet with a sense of bewilderment.

“I’m confused…is it hairy regularly?” she asked, per Yahoo! News.

Haddish and Common went public with her romantic relationship last summer after meeting on the set of the 2019 drama The Kitchen. The two of them went on a virtual date as part of a fundraiser for Bumble at the beginning of the pandemic, and from there, sparks started flying. 

The rapper previously opened up about their relationship in August, telling Today what continues to attract him to his partner.

“She’s just a wonderful human being and has so much heart,” he said. “I’m learning to be in a relationship even more, what that entails, like growing within myself."

“She’s able to enjoy life,” he said of his love interest. “The joy that she brings as a comedian and as a person is inspiring me to bring more joy to people through music.”