Social media has a way of reminding us that perception is reality and relative. A couple’s recent video on TikTok proved everyone doesn’t have the same idea of “normal.”

@TheBlackBarrys posted a video captioned “Growing up rich vs growing up poor.” 

The video’s creator, whose name isn’t mentioned, began the video by asking his new fiancée, Sam, to repeat what she said about her particular wants regarding housing.

“That I just want to look for an average home like my mom’s,” she said. While the notion seemed harmless enough, the man seemed shocked at his fiancée’s statement.

“Like her moms!” he shouted before challenging her to touch the ceilings. He claimed she could not touch the ceilings because they were “80 feet tall!”

He then began to give a tour of the mom’s home, alluding to him disagreeing with the idea of it being average. 

“Which living room would you like to sit in,” he joked while showing off a formal and informal sitting area. 

He offered to take the tour upstairs via the “average winding staircase,” and stopped to offer everyone a drink at the fully stocked bar and take a look at the tropical fish tank.

The creator then went to the kitchen to show off the illuminating fridge before sarcastically discussing what type of ice to choose.

“There’s a third option of ice,” he stated before his fianceé dropped a large ice sphere into his glass.

As he closed the tour of the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home, he proved his point of its grandeur by walking through multiple security gates.

He ended the video by speaking to his fianceé: “The next time you say you want just an average house like your mom as your first home, please remember, Sam, you did not grow up like the rest of us.”

The video has gained over 30,000 comments, mostly revolving around people’s perceptions of wealth. One follower joked that Sam will be snapped for reality when the couple starts house hunting, commenting “Trying to buy an average house will humble her 😂.”

Another viewer’s comment, “Unfortunately, that’s middle class,” racked up over 600 replies; some disagreed based on inflation.

The duo has a very active TikTok account with over 358,000 followers, with content documenting their daily lives as a couple and parents to two young daughters. Their videos revolve around the balance of Sam growing up wealthy and her fiancé’s upbringing, which was the exact opposite.

In one upload, Sam is introduced to low-cost “struggle meals,” in another, her fianceé stresses that growing up poor taught him to be more innovative in making things last. The videos personify the couple’s account tagline: “We didn’t grow up the same at all! Opposites attract 🤷🏾‍♂️”