TikTok creator @BigSnoww_ has everyone in their feelings over the video she posted with her little brother.

In the video, the 20-year-old asks her little brother if he knows what “transgender” means. She then proceeds to ask how he would feel if she were trans.

“What?! I would be confused as heck!” her brother replies. “You’re a boy who wanted to transgender into a girl? That would make me confused.”

@BigSnoww_ laughed off her brother’s initial response and remained calm as she continued the conversation.

“What if I don’t feel right in this gender? What if I’m sad in this gender and would be happy in another gender?”

“That would be good for you,” he says, already starting to get it. The brother is off camera, so his reactions are natural and uninfluenced.

Determined to see the conversation through to the end, she continues, “So what if I’m sad right now and I don’t like walking around getting haircuts? What if I feel better with wigs and makeup on?”

TikTok Courtesy of @Bigsnoww_

He told her it should make her feel “normal” since she already wears long hair.

After jokingly going back and forth about how long her hair is now, she asks the ultimate question.

“Would you still love me the same?” Without hesitation, he answers, “Yes.”

She wanted to make sure he had a total understanding of her choice, so she asks him if he is still confused. He replies, “No. Because you already told me what you feel like.”

He quickly just became the internet’s favorite little brother.

@BigSnoww_’s video received many comments praising her patience in explaining the choice to her little brother. Even more comments were elated with the little brother’s unconditional love displayed at the end.

“First, I LOVE that you let him process that,” said one user. “That you didn’t demand that he be okay with it. Letting him admit his confusion was beautiful. ”

Another wrote, “He did not hesitate when he said he would still love you.”

Another user commended @BigSnoww_ for taking the time to educate her younger sibling. “Educating your little siblings is so important, especially asking them how and also letting them know why you do what you do,” they said.

@BigSnoww_ is using TikTok to document her life throughout her transition and coming into her own. Her latest videos include vlogs of her moving out independently and speaking with her parents about hormone use. She’s expected to begin hormones this month.

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