Music by some of the world’s top artists is no longer available on TikTok. Universal Music Group pulled its catalog from the social media platform after a licensing agreement between both companies expired on Wednesday. The long list includes names such as Muni Long, Drake, SZA, Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

As a result, videos featuring music by UMG artists have been muted — even if it is featured on the artists’ pages. TikTok’s content has heavily relied on music since the early days of the social media platform. It initially found success among children and teenagers who choreographed dances and edited videos on In 2016, the Chinese tech company ByteDance bought and integrated it into its app, TikTok.

UMG pulling its catalog from the social media platform represents a turning point for TikTokers, who have grappled with the change since Wednesday. Many have turned to royalty-free music to create new content or replace the sound on their previously published videos.

A track entitled “Fluffing a Duck” by Kevin MacLeod has gained popularity. Creators use it as an opportunity to share their humorous take on the situation.

“I would say 75% of my videos would contain UMG music,” Sophia Romano, a content creator who goes by the username @sophiacromano, told Buisness Insider. “UMG has so many talented and well-known artists that we all love, it’s going to be not only difficult but sad that I can’t incorporate the people and music I love in my videos.”

Other creators believe the end of the licensing deal between TikTok and UMG will have a negative impact on artists, who gained popularity through their music going viral on the app. The careers of artists such as Justine Skye, Ice Spice and PinkPantheress skyrocketed due in part to their music being used by TikTokers on the social media platform.

“I feel that UMG is going to start to put new music out there and it will be hard to reach new and young audiences since they don’t have that easy connection with them on social media platforms like TikTok, and the impact that these social platforms have to push artists’ music,” Gabriel, who goes by the username @briangabrielll, told Buisness Insider.

For some creators, the news means they have to redirect their content. Such is the case with Jarred Jermaine, a creator who built a following of 5.6 million by reacting to songs, sharing original samples and highlighting popular genres.


The aftermath of the UMG & TikTok situation going on right now, I know what I’m going to do. @Industry Plant Show #tiktok #music

♬ original sound – jarred jermaine

Most of Jermaine’s videos have been muted. He has announced he will take this as opportunity to highlight undiscovered and independent artists through a new page, @industryplantshow.