The race for the Republican presidential nomination has narrowed to two candidates: former President Donald Trump and his former ambassador to the United Nations, ex-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. But South Carolinian Sen. Tim Scott, who dropped out of the race months ago, is getting attention and jokes as he seems to angle for a spot next to Trump.

Donald Trump has solidified his spot as the GOP frontrunner for the presidential nomination. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, once Trump’s most formidable opponent, dropped out of the race on Sunday and endorsed the former president. That left only Haley to compete against Trump in Tuesday’s New Hampshire Republican primary, which Trump won by double digits. Scott, alongside other Trump supporters, stood behind Trump as he gave his victory speech after winning the New Hampshire primary. Trump took a moment to rub in his victory over Haley and his endorsement from Scott, reminding the audience that Scott endorsed Trump over Haley even though she appointed Scott to his Senate seat during her time as governor. 

“You must really hate her,” Trump concluded before Scott stepped up to the microphone to retort to Trump, “I just love you!”

Many commenters found Scott’s display embarrassing.

“This is beyond embarrassing, even by Tim Scott’s standard,” one tweeted. “I am embarrassed for him.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the Rev. Al Sharpton said, “There are a few moments in my life that I’ve been more embarrassed than to watch Tim Scott.”

Scott’s fawning for Trump was the last part of a media blitz for the South Carolina senator. Scott’s recent headlines and the backlash they’ve gathered began with his Friday endorsement of Donald Trump. The senator’s praise of Trump and how he delivered his words drew mockery online.

“Senator Tim Scott endorses Donald Trump and uh, the delivery was a choice,” CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez tweeted with video footage of Scott.

A commenter responded to the tweet, describing the exaggerated drawl of Scott’s speech as “It’s like you went to CraigsList and asked for a pastor.”

Journalist and author Michael Harriot tweeted, “Tim Scott would’ve given the keynote address at the National Conference of Fugitive Slave Catchers.”

Scott also made headlines when he announced his engagement to Mindy Noce. Scott’s single status has long been fuel for the political rumor mill, and many people saw his relationships with Noce, who has rarely been seen with the senator outside of an appearance during a Republican presidential debate last year, as a political ploy. News of the engagement only stirred commentary about their relationship. Even Trump seemed to throw shade at the announcement, telling a crowd of supporters, “He’s engaged to be married. We never thought this was going to happen. What’s going on?”

Overall, though, Trump and Scott are seemingly growing closer politically. But while Scott’s moves and pro-Trump statements have been gathering scorn and jokes on Black Twitter and throughout Democratic discussions, they may further his appeal to conservatives. We will see if Scott ends up as Trump’s running mate or in another prominent role in the Trump campaign.