nullA new season of ITVS Futurestates short films are now online – another group of eight (this year) futuristic short films directed by different filmmakers presenting their own individual visions of what the America of tomorrow could look like.

As a reminder, the initiative, which we continue to champion on this blog, produces a series of short films annually by up-and-coming filmmakers, commissioned by ITVS that explore, as the organization states, “possible future scenarios through the prism of today’s global realities.”

Each episode presents a different vision of American society in the not-too-distant future, by each filmmaker (or as ITVS calls them, “Independent Prognosticators“) – using speculative fiction to explore, on film, social issues.

Some wonderful past Futurestates films featured on this site were directed by filmmakers like Barry Jenkins, A. Sayeeda Clarke, Tina Mabry, Julian Breece.

Mabry returns this year, for a second time (she was part of the 2012 class), helming one of the eight short films, titled “Ant.” 

The short film stars Guillermo Diaz (of “Scandal” fame), and touches on “the culture of mental heath care in the future and its effects on its patients.” 
“While exploring ethical and political issues to address in this season of FUTURESTATES, I immediately gravitated to an issue many of us sweep under the rug due to the stigma attached – mental illness,” said Mabry. “Thankfully Americans now have access to health care, but the mental health arena remains neglected.”

Mabry hopes that “Ant” will create dialogue about the future of mental health care in the U.S. 

The short film is now available to watch online, and is embedded below. And after watching it, head over to where you’ll find the other seven short films from seven other directors. The films are presented in a singular interactive story world created by ITVS.

This is Tina Mabry’s second film with ITVS, as previously noted. Her first short film, “Crossover,” was part of the 2012 series.

Her feature film “Mississippi Damned’ won 13 awards on the film festival circuit. She also has participated in the 2012 Fox Writers Intensive and was chosen for the Sundance Institute’s Screenwriter Intensive in 2013. 

For more information about the award-winning screenwriter and director, visit

Watch “Ant” right now below, or head over to for the other 7 films: