nullJada Pinkett Smith already said that she wouldn’t be back for a second season of Fox’s "Gotham," although I wouldn’t cash that check just yet. 

After she shared that surprise, rumors of her character (Fish Mooney) likely being killed off by the end of the current season (tonight is the season finale episode), began traveling the blogosphere; but, she’s still very much alive… at least for now. There is just 1 episode left for the season, and, after being holed up in some medical experimentation dungeon, from which she’s now seemingly escaped (based on the last episode), Fish Mooney will be returning to the streets of Gotham and, according to exec producer Bruno Heller, will be even more fierce, starting with the preview photo that you see above.

"Gotham is a crazy place," Heller said 2 weeks ago. "When you think something is going to happen the way you expect it to, things turn around," he added, promising "a very iconic moment" in the season’s final episode tonight. 

Mooney will return "to stake her claim as queen of Gotham,” Heller said. "Dress for the job you want to have, not the job you have… Her time away and everything that she’s gone through has given her a confidence in herself, and an inner strength… She comes back at a moment of crisis where Faclone and Maroni are in open conflict with each other. She has the possibility of running the whole town.”

And if that wasn’t enough, on Mooney’s plate will also be an inevitable clash with Detective Jim Gordon, and, based on the teaser of tonight’s episode that’s embedded below, what looks to be a final showdown with the her one time protégé and now rising nemesis, Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot.

Whether or not one of the above run-ins will lead to her death, and a goodbye to the series, we’ll find out soon enough. Any guesses?

"Gotham" airs tonight, Monday, 8pm, on Fox.

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