nullBy now, I'm sure some of you S&A readers are anxiously waiting for your favorite film rebels, the S&A crew, tonight.  Well, we decided to postpone tonight's show until Sunday at 3:00pm/est so we ALL can join in the cinema chit-chat!  In order to accommodate our different schedules, we've decided Sunday works best for most of us and hopefully you as well.

So what do we plan to discuss you ask?  Well of course, all of the Hot Topics that have everyone talking…most notably Mr. Steve McQueen today.  We'll also discuss the new Friday movie and much more.  Stay tuned for further updates.

So join us this Sunday at 3:00pm/est on Blogtalk Radio.  Call in at (347) 215-8777 or log into the chat room.

By the way, we'd love to hear from the "keyboard warriors" out there!