It made its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival last year, and has been touring the film festival circuit since then.

It was also 1 of 71 films screened for as many as 450 international distributors at the 14th Rendez-vous with French Cinema market in Paris, France, last spring.

Directed by Frenchman Tony Gatlif, the drama is titled Indignados, and stars newcomer Mamebetty Honoré Diallo as Betty, a young undocumented immigrant from the African continent (although the synop doesn’t say what country exactly; however, given her real name, I’d guess Senegal), travelling along the edge of the borders of a Europe that’s “on the verge of collapse in terms of its social cohesion.

The rest of the story courtesy of Cineuropa:

Betty confronts this reality and the absurd situations it creates. From wreckage to hope, she will hear the song of Exile when her feet walk and run in this Eldorado pounded by whole crowds chanting the wake-up call. In her path and her encounters with human beings in solidarity, in the heart of ghost towns destroyed by the crisis, Betty, who is looking for a job, will find herself on the road of disillusion of the indignant ones who will sing to her the words written on the empty walls: “Cada dia tus ilusiones se cruzan con las nuestras” (every day, your illusions merge with ours). 

According to the Berlinale, the film was inspired by a bestselling novel Time for Outrage!, and contains both scripted scenes and real situations, documenting recent protests/movements (“Occupy movement, the poverty of those who share her fate, and the dissatisfaction of a young generation of European society in revolt“) through the eyes of an undocumented woman.

The film opened in Spanish theaters on the 17th of this month, but no word on whether it’ll travel.

2 new clips and a release trailer for the film have surfaced to give you some idea of what to expect. Watch them all below.

First, the trailer:

And here are the 2 new clips: