The production team behind this project seem to be moving rather quickly with it… first announced in March… the hardest working man in show-business (or maybe I should say, ONE of the hardest working me in show-business) continues to live up to that label.

Of course I’m talking about Samuel L. Jackson who reportedly signed up for this in March – a film described as a neo-noir thriller, titled, The Samaritan, directed by David Weaver (mostly TV work and short films previously, until now).

Shot in Toronto and Rio De Janeiro, with the combined financial backing of both a UK-based production house, Quickfire Films, and the Canadian state film fund, principal photography is done, and the sales team has been at the Marche du Cinema at Cannes, selling the movie to various international territories, like Greece, Switzerland, countries of the Middle East, the Scandinavia region and more. Though no word of an American distributor.

To recap, if you missed the initial announcement… Mr L. Jackson plays a fella by the name of Foley, described as “a grifter trying to escape from his past having spent 20 years in prison. But he gets ensnared in the plans of a young protege and it becomes all too clear to Foley that some wrongs can never be made right.

Also starring are thespians Tom Wilkinson, Luke Kirby and Ruth Negga.

No word on whether this will be a straight-to-DVD or theatrical release.

In the meantime, below, we get our first-look at the film, in the videos that follow; the first is what looks like an “unofficial” trailer – likely the one being used to sell the film at Cannes; and the second comprises of a series of 3 clips from the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m asked to take these down, so watch them while you can 🙂

And here are the clips:

And here’s another still image