Here's the first trailer for a French drama titled Like a Lion, which centers on a 15 year old Senegalese boy named Mitri Diop, who, after being targeted by a recruiter, leaves Senegal to try and realize his dream of becoming a professional footballer in France.

But, in what I'd say is a familiar theme of a handful of similar movies we've featured, when he arrives in Paris, the reality is quite different, and far more challenging, than anything he'd imagined.

Once in Paris, everything collapses, and Mitri finds himself suddenly without a penny in his pocket, and simply can't bring himself to face the shame that he feels he would be met with, if he returned back to Senegal without a dream realized..

The film is directed by Samuel Collardey, and stars Mytri Attal, Marc Barbé, and Jean-François Stévenin

It opens in France on January 9, 2013. No word on whether it'll travel.

Watch the trailer (which isn't subtitled) below: