O.K. so here we go again. Here’s another trailer for an upcoming straight-to-DVD release (Sept 20) of a stage play. Though it’s a short trailer, there’s no need to go into the plot. The trailer pretty much explains itself.

It’s called The Bachelor Party and stars Lamann Rucker who I admit I had to go to imdb.com to find out who he is. Surprisingly, the site said that his next film role will be playing Paul Robseon in an upcoming bio-pic. Really? PAUL ROBESON? This guy is playing PAUL ROBESON? No that can’t be… can it?

And it co-stars Essence Atkins who starred in the immortal film N-Secure and who used to be on that sit-com Half and Half; which reminds me, whatever happened to that other actress who played her half-sister on the show?

I also just realized that Rucker was also in N-Secure, but I don’t remember him. I just remember Cordell Moore, that guy who looked like the identical twin brother of the guy who played Professor Olgevee from The Parkers.

The big surprises in Bachelor Party however are that there seems to be no religious messages in this play and there’s no Vivica A. Foxx in it either. How did she miss being in this?