Nu Century Arts

A worthwhile film to hunt down should it ever hit American shores, covering a subject that we here in the USA know so little about.

Produced by Nu Century Arts, Birmingham, in partnership with the Octavia Foundation, “Margins to Mainstream: The Story of Black Theatre in Britain” is a groundbreaking film that builds on previous theatre heritage projects delivered by Nu Century Arts, exploring the history and heritage of black theatre in Britain.

The feature documentary examines the different interpretations of “Black British Theatre” as a label and genre, and catalogs the incredible contribution of black actors, producers and playwrights to the UK theatre tradition. Featuring previously unseen footage of seminal plays, fascinating interviews with theatre heavyweights, “Margins to Mainstream” tells the story of a dynamic art.

Historians, playwrights, producers and actors that contributed and appear in the film include Courttia Newland, Javone Prince, Kwame Kwei-Armah, and Pat Cumper.

As previously stated, the film hasn’t been released in the USA; some of our UK readers have likely seen it as it screened there. But we’ve inquired with the production company about the likelihood of the film becoming available in the USA. No response at this time, but when we receive one, we will update this blog with details.

In the meantime, check out the trailer: