Here's a project I've long forgotten about, since we first wrote about it in 2009! So, we're talking 3 years ago. And since then, nothing's been written about it on this site because, well, nothing about it has come our way… until today!

First a quick recap…

It's titled The Obama Effect, directed by Charles S. Dutton (he also stars it by the way), Vanessa Bell CallowayKatt Williams, Megan Good, and Glynn Turman.

At the time of that 2009 post, what we knew about the film, which Dutton also co-wrote, was that it would follow 3 diverse families with different points of view during the 2008 presidential race that would elect Barack Obama as president of the USA.

Here's the official synopsis I received from PR firm The Kartel Company who are now repping the film:

The Obama Effect is a dramedy about John Thomas (Charles S. Dutton), an insurance salesman, who suddenly takes an overwhelming interest in the 2008 Obama campaign after a serious health scare changes his view on life. The movie follows the Thomas family, friends and foes through this historic time in American history.

In an interview Turman did in 2009, he said that this is one film that's going to blow our minds! Although he didn't elaborate.

I'm told that it will be release exclusively through AMC theaters (likely the AMC Independent program) on July 13th, 2012 in select markets including: Little Rock, Charlotte, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington DC, Orlando, Jackson, Dallas, Houston, Detroit and Norfolk.

The project now has a Facebook page, and Twitter (@theobamaeffect).

I was able to dig up this trailer from October 2011, so there will probably be something new recut for this upcoming release: