Take a look below at the trailer for the British film Bashment, written and directed by Black British actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, singer, aerobics teacher, designer, choreographer/dancer songwriter and director (whew!) Rikki Beadle-Blair.

The film is based on his 2005 play dealing with the issue of homophobia in Britain’s reggae dancehalls. According to the synopsis, “bashment is a style of reggae music and also refers to the incident central to the story’s plot — a brutal gay-bashing at an MC competition at a reggae club. The three men responsible for the attack — members of the group KKK (Krazy Kop Killer) and its manager — leave Orlando, the boyfriend of their competitor, MC JJ, brain-damaged. The trio receives incredibly light sentences when they argue in court that they were provoked

Needless to say, the film, which has been called “moving and brilliant” is an intense drama, and is now currently making the film festival circuit rounds in the U.S., and will next be screened at Reeling – The Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival this Sunday Nov 6th at the Landmark Theater.