nullBelow is the trailer for the new documenatry Ikland directed by the filmmaking team of Cevin Soling and David Hilbert, which is soon to be released on DVD (both standard and Blu-ray) and  which, in effect, puts right a lie that had been perpetrated years ago.

In 1972 anthropologist Colin Turnbull investigated the isolated Ugandan tribe the Ik, whom he later wrote about and described as "the worst people in the world."  He also stated they were "wholly evil without compassion even for their own children."

Some 27 years later, Soling (who read Turnbull's book in the 7th grade) and Hilbert traveled to Uganda to find out the truth, and instead discovered an isolated people the complete opposite of what Turnball had descibed.

What they found instead were a group of poeple whose "friendly nature and familial protectiveness aganist starvation and warring opposing tribes…starkly exposed Turnbull's own racism."

Here's the trailer: