Here's the teaser and the full trailer for the just recently completed short film Nostalgia starring Dule Hill, who you know from the TV series The West Wing and Psych. 

He worked on the short at the same time he was recently on Broadway, appearing in the play Stickfly with Mekhi Phifer and Condola Rashad.

The film deals with "an aging entertainer that can't let go of the past and how that effects his relationship with the present day world and his son."

It'll be screened at the 10th Anniversary L.A. Tap Festival in August and was co-written, co-produced and directed by Johnnie Hobbs III (a personal work for him), with choreography by Sarah Reich.

The son of a dance choreographer and a TV and film actor, Hobbs says that he wanted in this film "to pay homage to the older tap dancers and their children that may take care of them. To show they had and still have a place in history and a story to tell. I wanna show it's sometimes not all about the dancing. That they are human and sometimes that means dealing with forgiveness and regret."

He further says that he's "attracted to the culture of good filmmaking and sometimes that meant not seeing a lot of black people on film. I never set out to make "black films" with black people. Instead I wanna make films about people. I wanna write about what I know."