Video has emerged showing members of President Donald Trump's terrorist mob beating a Metro D.C. police officer with an American flag during their attack on the Capitol Building on Wednesday. 

The harrowing video shows members of the mob dragging the officer out of an entrance to the Capitol Building and then another person using an American flag attached to a pole to beat the officer.

Reporters were able to capture another horrifying image of the attack showing the officer being dragged down the steps by Trump supporters. 

More and more video of the attack has come out in recent days showing just how violent, and deadly, the rioters were as they forced their way into the halls of Congress looking to attack Senators and House representatives. 

The video has brought to light the strangeness of the attack — on one side of the Capitol Building, Capitol Police officers were seen letting the terrorists into the building, taking selfies with them, and even directing them to specific offices of Congress members they wanted to attack.

Yet on the other side of the Capitol Building, there's also videos showing the mob viciously beating, chasing, and attacking Capitol Police officers trying to keep them out. 

Some of the people attacking the police officers at the Capitol Building had "Blue Lives Matter" insignias and flags.

Many have noted that it seems the "Blue Lives Matter" movement was only started as a racist response to Black people asking for rights and had little to do with actually supporting police officers. 

The terrorists killed at least one Capitol Police officer, Brian Sicknick, who CNN reported was beaten violently by members of the mob. Trump supporters used a fire extinguisher to bash Sicknick in the head, as Blavity previously reported

Despite his longstanding support from police unions, Trump refused to lower the flags in his honor until Democrats forced him to do so over the weekend.

In a cruel twist of irony, It was later revealed that Sicknick himself was an ardent Trump supporter, according to The New York Post.