Colin Kaepernick’s speech and Jhené Aiko’s adorable performance with her daughter at VH1’s Dear Mama: A Love Letter to Moms has us all wanting to hug our mamas.

Kaepernick, who was adopted, described his experiences growing up biracial in a white family and the racism he experienced.

“I never had to wonder whether my mother loved me or not. That was never in question,” he said. “Unfortunately, my mother’s love alone could not liberate me from what it meant to be black in predominantly white spaces. The privilege of my parents could not always protect me from that.”

The NFL free agent described moments when kids would ask him who his real mother was and shared what his mom would do when adults insulted him during little league games.

“It was her that gave a tongue lashing to the parents in the stand speaking ill about the black child striking out all their sons,” he said with a laugh.

Kaep’s mom, Teresa Kaepernick, also took the stage to give her son a tribute of her own.

“When you see injustice in this world, you are not the kind of man who sits back and hopes that someone else will deal with it,” Teresa told her son. “Even though it may mean sacrificing your dreams.”

If that wasn’t enough of a tearjerker, singer Jhené Aiko and her adorable daughter, Namiko Love, performed a song they co-wrote together. The song, “Sing to Me,” was simple but touching with lines like “Namiko, did you know that you used to live in my tummy? Namiko, did you know I’m in love with being your mommy?” and “you are my world, my favorite girl.”

If you’re not scared to shed a thug tear, check out the performance and call your mama.