The Season 3 finale of Blavity’s Asking For a Friend is going out with a bang with conversations all about race, racism, interracial relationships and more.

When host Ts Madison and Shekinah Jo talked about the racial traumas that people have dealt with in America, Madison talked about the “systems that are in place from systemic racism that we all suffer for.”

She said she used to have a hopeful outlook on one day everyone from every race getting along, something Shekinah said she still believes can happen, but she no longer sees that as a possibility.

“I used to have hope for it, but once I see our people as Black people using the same rhetoric that white supremacy has put in place, using the same tone, using the same system towards their LGBTQIA people, this is the same way that white folks who occupy positions of power, do to the white people and you turn around and do it to the gays,” she said. “This is why I said there are systems in place like systemic racism that we are still suffering from, [that] we are still fighting against that affects us all.”

Later in the episode, Racial Wellness author Jacquelyn Iyamah talked more about a topic Madison and Shekinah were discussing–the concept of too many Black men who put down Black women they decide to date outside of their race.

“People have conversations about love is love and date who you want to date, and it’s a little bit more than that,” she said. “I feel like people talk about preference…but there’s always a politic in your preference, particularly if you’re continuously dating people who adhere to whiteness or they’re closer to white beauty standards. I feel like that speaks to internalized racism and internalized trauma.”

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