Tupac Facebook PageLast night, the Estate of Tupac Shakur shared the following cryptic message (along with the above image) on 2Pac’s official Facebook page, which has over 19 million followers: "Return tomorrow at 5pm EST for a special announcement from The Estate of Tupac Shakur."
The announcement of the forthcoming announcement has, of course, inspired many theories as to what it could be; Mine is that we’ll be getting some major news of the slain rapper/actor’s long-in-development biopic – maybe official casting, or who will direct (although Carl Franklin was said to be taking over for John Singleton). 

I suppose it could also be some news about an album of unreleased Tupac tracks.

Obviously we’ll find out exactly what it is in about 5 hours from the time of this post; and when it happens, I’ll certainly update you all here.

Any guesses?