“I was approached a year and a half ago to shoot the pilot after successfully pitching for it some years back… It is owned by Turner Broadcasting. I’m not sure what they want it for. They commissioned the production of the pilot through Awali Productions, a company I co-own with Rebecca Chandler. We wrapped up the shoot on Saturday (Sept 24).”

Words from Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu (director of Pumzi, a Focus Features Africa First sci-fi short film we’ve talked about many times on S&A); Wanuri spoke with Capital FM, a Nairobi, Kenya-based broadcast network.

So… apparently, she’s been working on a pilot project for Turner Broadcasting. And as we all might already know, Turner Broadcasting is a collection of cable networks (and others properties) including TBS, TNT, CNN, TCM and others…

The question now is where exactly this project, which centers on the daily workings of a newspaper in Kenya, fits within the collective.

A fascinating idea actually, and an interesting move if this actually lands on any of the above cable TV channels; though this doesn’t seem like a fit for any of them – definitely not TCM, nor CNN, which leaves TBS and TNT.

I should note that Turner Broadcasting is owned by Time Warner; and Time Warner owns HBO – a channel I think would make more sense for something like what is being proposed here.

But, we’ll see. I’d love to have this come to fruition.

We’ll reach out to Wanuri directly and see what more we can learn, and share here once she replies.