nullIt feels like it’s been a while since I last heard from Eriq La Salle; but a glance at his IMDB page tells me that he’s been busy – although behind the camera, and not in front of it, as we’ve come to know him for. He’s directed mostly TV – episodes of series like "Under the Dome," "CSI: Cyber," "The Messengers," "Madame Secretary," and others. 

And it is in one of those series, "Under the Dome," that La Salle has joined the cast. 

The multi-hyphenate has signed up to play a lead role in season 3 of the CBS summer series. The character is a ruthless CEO of the energy company run by Mike Vogel’s character’s father, named  Hektor Martin.

"Under the Dome" is a show I watched about half of the first season of, but it just didn’t hook me, despite an intriguing premise, and so I moved on. It’s not a bad show; but there’s so much else competing with it, that I simply made an alternate choice. But if you’ve been keeping up with the series, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Regardless, congrats to La Salle on the casting.

Second, Brooklyn Sudano, who we last saw alongside Regina Hall, Jill Scott, and Eve Jeffers Cooper in the Lifetime Original Movie "With This Ring," written and directed by Nzingha Stewart, " has joined the cast of Hulu’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 2011 time-traveling best selling novel, "11/22/63."  

The story follows Jake Epping (to be played by James Franco), a high school English teacher in a Maine town. "While grading essays by his GED students, Jake reads a gruesome, enthralling piece penned by janitor Harry Dunning: fifty years ago, Harry somehow survived his father’s sledgehammer slaughter of his entire family. Jake is blown away…but an even more bizarre secret comes to light when Jake’s friend Al, owner of the local diner, enlists Jake to take over the mission that has become his obsession – to prevent the Kennedy assassination. How? By stepping through a portal in the diner’s storeroom. Finding himself in warmhearted Jodie, Texas, Jake begins a new life. But all turns in the road lead to a troubled loner named Lee Harvey Oswald, as the course of history is rewritten becoming even more suspenseful."

Starring James Franco, Sudano has signed up to play Franco’s character’s ex-wife.