Sorta had a feeling this was coming… TV Guide has now issued a statement reponding to Taraji P. Henson’s recent public angry complaint on Facebook and Twiiter that she was excluded from magazine’s recent coverage, including the cover, for the new CBS show she’s co-starring in Person of Interest.

According Debra Birmbaum, the editor in chief of TV Guide: “I made an editorial decision to do a story about the relationship between the two male characters on ‘Person of Interest’ and that’s who I was going to put on the cover. That has been my decision all along, ever since I saw the pilot. We’re certainly fans of Taraji Henson and her storyline on the show was never intended to be the focus of our cover story. I don’t know where there was a misunderstanding about this, but it’s been clear to everyone from the start. I don’t make decisions on who is put and not put on the cover based on race or gender… This week’s cover September 26 issue features the three stars of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ — Minka Kelly, Annie Illonzeh and Rachael Taylor. We are not pursuing a cover of ‘Person of Interest’ at this time.

So Person of Interest was a TV Guide cover story, yet Birnbaum says that they’re “not pursuing a cover” for the show at this time? I’m confused.