nullTV One is kicking off summer with 2 new movies premiering in June.

The first

premiering Saturday, June 6 at 8 p.m. ET is "The Summoning" – a TV One original movie thriller, directed by Charles Murray about a remarried widow, Angela Simmons-Alexander (played by Paula Jai

Parker), who summons her first husband (Terrell Tilford) from the dead. Though her new husband Wayne Alexander (Dorian Missick) is everything she could hope for, the passion in her marriage is lukewarm at best. Given an artifact – a spiritual medallion said to awaken the deceased – by a dead friend’s brother, Drew Studdard (Darius McCrary), Angela cannot resist temptation and invokes the magic of the mysterious gift. The reunion with her past love is emotional but turns deadly very quickly as his spirit begins to strengthen and make life-threatening demands, including turning Kendra (Storm Reid), one of their young daughters, against Wayne. With the help of Kiki (Diandra Lyle), a homeless woman Angela hired to run her bar’s kitchen, they plot to send TJ back to the grave. 

And debuting Saturday, June 27 at 8 p.m. E.T. is the world premiere of "You Got Served" director Chris Stokes’ "Will to Love," a romantic comedy about a

workaholic bachelor (Marques Houston) who must find a wife in 90 days in order

to inherit his grandfather’s fortune. Jamal Hawkins is a 30-something CEO and heir of the “Let It Roll” toilet paper company, who must find a wife before his grandfather passes away. As a quintessential bachelor, Jamal has no idea how to accomplish such a feat and must do so despite his half-sister Monica’s (Shondrella Avery) meddling. He enlists the help of his secretary, Rachel (Keshia Knight Pulliam) and his best friend Danny (Black Thomas) to find a bride who will obtain his family’s approval and win him his birthright. After devising a plan to audition potential brides and finding Candice (Draya Michele), Jamal develops feelings for Rachel and must make the crucial decision between following the money or his heart. The stellar cast also includes Valarie Pettiford and Gary Sturgis. 

"During a month traditionally known for wedding bells, we bring two very different takes on

love," said D’Angela Proctor, TV One’s SVP Original Programming and Production. "From

learning how to let go and move on, to embracing true love without hesitation, our June movies

illustrate the best, the worst, the humor, and ultimately the power of love."

"The Summoning" is directed by Charles Murray and produced for TV One by Parkside

Pictures with Danny Roth and Damiano Tucci as producers. Craig Henry serves as executive

in charge of production and D’Angela Proctor as executive producer for the network. "Will to Love" is produced for TV One by Footage Films, LLC. Chris Stokes serves as

director and producer, and Christopher Owen and Jerome Jones are also producers. Jubba

Seyyid serves as executive in charge of production and D’Angela Proctor as executive producer.

Check out the trailer for "The Summoning" below: