Man On Fire (2004) is probably my favorite Tony Scott/Denzel Washington collaboration – right next to Crimson Tide. I dug the straightforward, no fuss man-on-a-mission revenge plot, and the unapologetic violence, and vigilantism, courtesy of despondent former CIA operative-turned bodyguard Creasy during his search for the kidnapped Pita Ramos, played very well by Dakota Fanning, who was only 10 years old at the time.

How will the drama unfold as a TV series? 

We’ll find out eventually, assuming the announced Fox/New Regency TV adaptation actually makes it to the air.

Although, I wouldn’t necessarily expect that Creasy in the proposed TV serial will be played by a black actor, just because Denzel Washington played the character in Tony Scott’s film. Creasy wasn’t written specifically as a black man. The movie itself was an adaptation of a 1980 novel of the same name by A.J. Quinnell, which was previously adapted as a 1987 French-Italian film, with a cast that included Joe Pesci, Jonathan Pryce and Danny Aiello

The TV series, however, won’t be a straight adaptation of the novel, but will instead take place 18 years later, as Creasy and Pita reconnect, teaming up to take apart the cartel that was responsible for the kidnapping, and all the death and destruction that turned the lives of the pair upside down, 18 years prior.

David DiGilio (creator of the TV crime drama series Traveler; he also penned the script for the upcoming sequel to Tron: Legacy) has been hired to write the script for the series, as well a exec produce.

No ETA on when we can expect it.

The $70 million 2004 film adaptation starring Washington, wasn’t a monster hit (relative to budget) grossing $77 million domestic, and $130 million total worldwide.