With No Logical Explanation for Serena’s shocking upset, Twitter decides to #BlameDrake

Canadian rapper, Drake, came under heavy fire in the aftermath of Serena Williams’ stunning upset at the US Open. Williams was just three sets short of completing the elusive Calendar Year Grand Slam and tying the record for the most Major wins in the Women’s Open Era before she was ousted by the unranked Roberta Vinci 6-2, 4-6, 4-6. The outcome of the match was so unexpected that Vinci was a 300 to 1 underdog heading into the match.

As a result, social media users were abuzz with theories and explanations on how this could’ve happened. People looked for things that changed between Serena’s win at Wimbledon and the US Open. “Was she wearing new shoes?” “Was she using a different racket?”

Then, all eyes turned to the bearded Canadian sitting in the stands. It was Drake. They were recently spotted making out just three weeks ago in a restaurant. And now here he was, grinning in the stands like Cheshire Cat during one of the biggest upsets in the history of Tennis.

Now you might say, “Drake is just one person in the crowd he has nothing to do with the outcome of a match.” Allow Black Twitter to explain why you’re so, so wrong.


Now we don’t know if Serena got the memo yet, because she was pictured leaving the US Open with Drake after her match. Let’s just hope that she leaves him in the Six with his Woes next year when she travels to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics