When word got out that Beyoncé has come to snatch scalps again for another world tour the Internet began to decipher between what they would be willing to sacrifice to stand in the same room as Queen Bey

The commentary  became more dire when false photos of ticket prices began surfacing on Twitter. As a result, the reactions to the #FormationWorldTour tickets led to some of the most hilarious get rich quick schemes the Twittersphere has ever concocted

1. Someone alert the black market.

2. Drop it low for the #Formation show.

3. Don't make a permanent decision for a temporary moment. (But let's be honest Beyoncé memories last forever.)

4. Hey big head...

5. When you just might have to set it off.

6. I'm sorry, all of a sudden I can't hear.

7. Hold on to your pocketbooks.

8. It goes down in the DMs.

9. Just make sure an arrest warrant is served after the concert.

10. Share a life to get your life.

11. Help, I've fallen and I can't get up.

12. Bad credit is a sacrifice in exchange for smelling the wind breeze from Beyoncé's weave.

13. For just a few dollars, you can help this bee reach the Beyhive.

14. Bey before Mommy!? Cold world.

15. But...is Bey letting ya'll stay at her crib?

16. "I need this money for health reasons...I might die if I don't see this concert".

17. Just leave the money on the nightstand.

Although, we will still make a way out of no way to ensure that we make it to see Bey in action, it's safe to say that when glancing at those prices, we all were collectively saying the same thing

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