MTV had the exclusive on this, which struck me initially, because I wondered why anything Madea-related would premiere on MTV, given that the audience for Madea films aren't necessarily in MTV's targer demo. 

Then I realized that this might be the whitest Madea flick to date, with Eugene Levy starring (he's even sharing top-billing on the poster – as you see below – with Tyler Perry; when was the last time that happened?), with Denise RichardsTom ArnoldDoris Roberts, and Danielle Campbell in co-starring roles.

So of course MTV gets the exclusive! There's obviously an attempt being made to attract a broader audience to the franchise. 

The poster even clues us to this change, whether intentionally or not: "New Look… New Madea."

Will it work? Might the whitest Madea flick ever be also the most successful Madea flick ever?

Brand new poster below, and the trailer underneath if you haven't seen it yet (the film is out on June 29):