On the heels of the piece I published yesterday on Tyler Perry being at somewhat of a crossroads, comes news this morning that the filmmaker, via his 34th Street Films, and Lionsgate, have picked up an action/comedy pitch from screenwriters Jim and Brian Kehoe, titled Top Of The Food Chain, which is being described as City Slickers meets The Grey.

Story specifics aren’t yet public; and neither is whether Perry will star in the film, or simply produce.

China-based DMG Entertainment, which co-produced Iron Man 3 and Looper, is also on-board to produce, along with Perry, Ozzie AreuMatt Moore and Chris Cowles

DMG Entertainment’s Dan Mintz and Chris Fenton will executive produce.

City Slickers was the 1991 comedy western about a middle-aged man plagued with a mid-life crisis, who is rejuvenated while on a cattle-driving vacation with his friends. Billy Crystal starred.

And The Grey, released in 2011, starred Liam Neeson as the skilled leader of 6 oil workers fighting for their survival against a pack of wolves, after their plane crashes in Alaska.

What a cross of those 2 rather different films will look like, I can’t say. Although we do know that it’ll be an action-comedy.