nullThe above image tells the whole story; the disconnect between critics and fans; particularly of Tyler Perry's movies; even more particularly of Tyler Perry's Madea movies, which, on average, are his best performing films. 

His fans love him in the fat suit, wig and glasses. And, as he's said, as long as that continues, no matter how much he complains about the physical discomfort he feels when wearing the suit, he'll keep pumping out Madea movies.

Granted only 10 critic reviews are in, but I doubt that the 0% you see there (none of them gave it a positive review) is going to change much. It may not be zero when it's all said and done, but it won't be very much higher than that, which would make this THE worst reviewed Tyler Perry-written-and-directed movie ever!

He's best reviewed movie? 2009's I Can Do Bad All By Myself, which got a 62% Fresh rating. It's also the ONLY Tyler Perry-written-and-directed with a positive rating. Keep in mind that he's released 13 films in 7 years.

Prior to Madea's Witness Protection, his first film, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman was his worst rated at 15%.

But all of that obviously doesn't mean a damn thing to his faithful followers, because, as you see in the image above, with 90% of them so far saying that they liked it, Madea will continue to live in cinema.

Let's see what the box office results for this latest one are on Sunday.

And if you have seen Madea's Witness Protection, what did you think?