Many young girls looked up to supermodel Tyra Banks. Her reality competition series America‘s Next Top Model gave an eye-opening insight into the tough world of fashion and modeling.

She was praised for breaking barriers in such a racist industry. But years later, Banks’ show and judging panels have been analyzed as problematic and a newly resurfaced video of judges critiquing contestants’ weight has social media users upset.

A TikTok star calls the comments "unacceptable" in a July 12 a compilation of footage from Season 1.

In the series of clips, Banks and Janice Dickinson repeatedly criticized 26-year-old contestant Robynne Manning’s weight and body.

In one clip, Banks said that she had a ”problem” with Manning because her upper body “doesn’t match ” her lower body.

@hotgirlseurope This kind of behaviour is unacceptable no matter the industry and it‘s time we raise awareness on this issue and stop letting it continue on. Yes this is an older clip, but it‘s still important to increase the public‘s understanding on these issues and help educate people on how to avoid internalising this kind of scrutiny. #antm #tyrabanks #selflove #raiseawareness #bodypositivity #mentalhealthawareness #bodypositive #edutok #education #educational #fashiontiktok ♬ original sound – Hot Girl’s Europe

Dickinson added: "Robynne's out, as far as I'm concerned, about being a supermodel. That's my humble opinion. I think that next America's top model is not a plus-sized model, I'm sorry."

She also called Manning “fat,” adding, “She’s huge, she’s not going to be a top model.”

Dickson also said, “She should be working at Avis.”

Fans react:

One fan said, “Whole d**n show was a hate crime against women’s bodies. Specially black women they clowned everything about us and Tyra was there to okay it all smh.”

Another viewer is looking at the show differently in retrospect:

“It’s mind blowing how I looked up to Tyra as a kid I never missed her talk show after school and always watched ANTM and it did affect the way I viewed my body growing up and now I look back and this shit is CRAZY,” someone wrote.” I can’t believe the disrespect and it was allowed???!